The core of research personnel at Oriental Specialization are members of staff of the Department of International and Political Studies. Specialization subjects and language courses are run by teachers and lecturers of the Department of Middle East and North Africa and the Section of Eastern Asia. Additionally, we invite research staff or lecturers from other departments or from outside the university in order to give guest lectures.

Academic staff:

Małgorzata Pietrasiak
Małgorzata Pietrasiak (Professor)
The head of the Section of Eastern Asia. The author of two monographs and several dozen research articles. She specializes in Indo-Chinese problems, especially Vietnam ? its history and contemporary situation ? and the integration processes in South-East Asia.

Marek Dziekan (Professor)
The head of the Department of Middle East and North Africa. For many years he has been engaged in research on the history and culture of the Arabic and Persian civilizations, including the following issues: Islamic faith, political and social history of these two regions and social anthropology.

Radosław Bania
Radosław Bania (Professor)

His research interests focus, among others, on the relationship between USA and Arabic countries in the Middle East. He has published a book and several research articles pertaining to this subject. His ?habilitation? (post-doctoral) work was devoted to the subject of British foreign policy towards the Persian Gulf states.

Dominik Mierzejewski
Dominik Mierzejewski (PhD)

MA in Contemporary History, University of Lodz (2001); PhD in Contemporary History, University of Lodz (2006). He studied Chinese language and culture at the Shanghai International Studies University (1999 - 2000 and 2003 - 2004). Jan Karski Scholarship recipient. Internship at the Heritage Foundation (2003), Kolumb - Polish Foundation of Science Post-doctoral Scholarship - visiting scholar at Chinese Academy of Social Science (2010-2011, Beijing). Member of interernational organizations: Association for Asian Studies, European Association of Chinese Studies (board member) and of editioral boards of "Azja-Pacyfik" (yearbook, Poland) and "Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia" (Austria). Academic interests: foreign policy of the PRC, political system of China.

Izabela Kończak
Izabela Kończak (PhD)

She specialises in researching Islam in Russia, the history of Arabic-Muslim culture and the problem of women situation in Jewish and Arabic cultures.


Grzegorz Bywalec
Grzegorz Bywalec (PhD)

His academic background is economics. His research interests include: the problems of decentralization in developing countries, globalization and regionalization and development economics. He specializes in India-related issues.

Marta Woźniak
Marta Woźniak (PhD)

She specializes in religious minorities of the Middle East, especially Assyrian/Aramean and Coptic Christians. She completed a one-year language training program in Syria and internships program in the Polish Embassy in Cairo.

Tomasz Kamiński
Tomasz Kamiński (PhD)

Assistant professor at the Section of Eastern Asia at the University of Lodz. His research activities are concentrated on the EU foreign policy, EU policy towards China in particular. He designed an online education game in the field of project management. Apart from his research activities he works as a business consultant and a project manager.

Karol Żakowski
Karol Żakowski (PhD)

PhD in political science. He is an Assistant Professor at the Section of Eastern Asia, Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz. He was a visiting scholar at Kwansei Gakuin University (2008-2009) and Keio University (2012-2013, Japan Foundation's Japanese Studies Fellowship), as well as a participant of a Japanese language course in Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute, Kansai (2006) and of an internship in the Japanese Diet (2009). His research focuses on the evolution of the Japanese political scene and Sino-Japanese relations.

Tomasz Jurczyk
Tomasz Jurczyk (MA)

His academic background is in political science. He was twice awarded grants for studies in PRC and Taiwan. His research interests focus on the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the role of PRC in international relations.

Masakatsu Yoshida
Masakatsu Yoshida (MA)

Japanese language teacher. He is involved in organising various lectures and meetings with representatives of Japanese academic, political and cultural circles. He also organizes exhibitions devoted to Japanese culture in Lodz.

Bartosz Kowalski
Bartosz Kowalski (MA)

He was a grant holder of the Ministry of National Education (Shangdong). His research interests include: domestic politics of PRC, the process of modernization of Western China, the Cold War politics in East Asia.

Łukasz Błoch
Łukasz Błoch (MA)

His research interests focus on the regional integration in Africa, the cooperation between countries of the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific region) and the European Union, and military conflicts in the contemporary world.

Krzysztof Zdulski
Krzysztof Zdulski (MA)

He is interested in the foreign and military policy of the Third Reich, the history of international relations in the Middle East in the first half of the 20th century and the position of Turkey on international arena from the beginning of the 19st century until the present day. At the moment he is engaged in research on politics of the Third Reich towards Turkey.

 Marcin Godziński (MA)

He graduated from the Faculty of International and Political Studies (University of Lodz). Currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Middle East and North Africa. His research focuses on the Middle East conflict, global terrorism and military conflicts in the present-day world, as well as on the role of India and Iran in the contemporary international relations.

Karolina Mirys-Kijo (MA)

She is interested in the socio-cultural changes taking place in Muslim societies, including those under the influence of globalization, as well as the economy of the Arab states. She also deals with women's clothing and fashion in Arab-Muslim world.

Marta Piątak (MA)

Graduate of Arabic studies. The main point of her research is the position of Islamic law in modern Egypt's state law.

Dorota Ściślewska (MA)

Her area of interest includes the relations between the Muslim world and the West, as well as cultural and pop-cultural codes shaping the perception of Islam and its worshippers. She also pays a good deal of attention to the issue of gender and women's emancipation movements in Oriental societies. She completed an internship in the Polish Embassy in Doha.

Edyta BednarekEdyta Bednarek (MA)
Graduate of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz. Her research interests focus on the socio-political issues of contemporary Japan. She participated in "Japan and Poland Intercultural Seminar" at Kwansei Gakuin University in Osaka.

Marta GrabowskaMarta Grabowska (MA)
Graduate of international relations at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz. Her research interests are related to the issues of the socio-political scene in Thailand.

Anna KrzysztofiakAnna Krzysztofiak (MA)
MA in History of Art at the University of Lodz, an artist of the Philharmonic of Lodz. Her main subjects of interest are Chinese and Taiwanese cultural relations, traditional fine arts and music. She travels to China and Taiwan, especially for obtaining traditional music and art skills. She has performed many times as a soloist in Poland, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Taiwan. In 2007 she was awarded a medal for the honorable studies at the University of Lodz.

Małgorzata StańczykMałgorzata Stańczyk (MA)
PhD candidate, a participant of numerous conferences, a co-editor of two books, the author of over twenty articles. Within the framework of LLP Erasmus Scholarship she conducted lectures at Corvinus University of Budapest. She prepares disertation devoted to the Russian Far East in Russo-Japanese relations. She was a visiting researcher at Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk, she also conducted research in Irkutsk. She completed an internship in the Embassy of Poland in Athens, in Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic.

Michał ZarębaMichał Zaręba (MA)
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology and of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz. A PhD candidate in the Section of Eastern Asia. His research interests focus on history, contemporary international relations and integration processes in South East Asia. He also pays attention to the role of sport in the international relations.
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