The profile of the graduate from Oriental Specialization ? what to do in the future

On the day you graduate from Oriental Specialization within the framework of International Relations you will have an interesting range of studies behind you, you will know a lot of interesting people, and you will regret a little that the time for studying is already over, but you will also look forward with optimism. You will feel ready for different challenges that your future life and work will bring you.

No wonder. In the progress of studies you gained knowledge about the history, culture, religions, contemporary political, economic and social problems of countries of Asia and Northern Africa. Depending on the track of studies you have chosen you are a specialist in the field of Arabic countries or Eastern Asia. You understand the processes visible in this region, you understand the way of thinking of the inhabitants, you can analyze current events in the in the Middle East and East Asia and value their impact on the life of people in the circle of Western culture. If you completed resident studies, you can speak an oriental language: Arabic, Japanese or Chinese depending on the track of studies you have chosen.

There are few people like you in the Polish and wider European labour market. You are aware of the fact that more and more companies do business on the rising markets of the global economy. Contacts with countries of Eastern Asia and the Middle East are higher and higher on the list of priorities for Polish and European Union diplomacy and also many international institutions. Local governments also strive for investors from this area. There are still few properly prepared specialists. In addition, you have the right qualifications because some time ago you decided on the proper specialization of your studies.

So you stay calm. You look for a job unhurriedly. Maybe, like many graduates before you, you have already established your contacts during your time of studies and the right job is actually waiting for you?

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