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Student life does not mean only studying. Oriental Specialization offers much more?


The location of the faculty building ? in the centre of the university district ? is conducive to having some fun after classes. In just a few minutes you can reach Piotrowska Street (a great destination point for all those who enjoy pub-life, dining out and going to music clubs) or the academic campus of Lumumbowo.
The Faculty Student Union tirelessly looks after students? integration. The Union organizes a lot of parties for students, such as the traditional Faculty grill party, Beach Party and many others. For details visit the Union's website.

Students Associations and excursions

There are two Students Associations connected with our specialization: Middle East Student Association ?Al-Mashriq? and Eastern Asia Student Association.
Both associations warmly invite everybody who may be interested in the Middle Eastern and East Asian affairs and offer the possibility for students to participate in special lectures, conferences, meetings with academics and students who are involved in pursuing interesting research projects and research trips. During the last few years they have organized expeditions to China, Siberia and Indochina. 

Faculty Football League 

A very professionally-organized Faculty Soccer Team has been active at our faculty for the past few years now. Every week at the School of Sport Championship gym, soccer teams consisting of the students from our faculty compete with each other and this event is accompanied by the great cheering from their fans. We also organize show-matches in which many lecturers from our department participate. You can find more information on the official website of the Faculty Football League.

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